Destination: Wedding

By now you’ve probably guessed that I’m tying the knot. In true Lola Gigglesworth fashion, I’m making it infinitely more complicated by opting for a crazy destination wedding.

Though @Scrabb and I aren’t saying our “I do’s” till 2011, having a destination wedding means having everything prepared months ahead of time, and creating a plan B for disasters of all types. Particularly, at our venue of choice, we can’t place a hold till 12 months in advance, but are asked to present a detailed guest list, color palette, and vendor contracts at that time, as well. We have a great team of friends that are assisting us with everything we need, and sharing thoughts from their own upcoming nuptials, as well.

Because planning a destination wedding is travel + wedding, I’ve decided to unleash all my bridely fury on the viewing public by creating this channel at Frill Seeker Diary, Destination: Wedding. This section is here to provide slight guidance for any other destination wedding brides, as well as some travel tips for brides and grooms who chose an away wedding, and will probably spend many months zooming back and forth planning for the big day.

Before I unleash details of my own not tying, be warned, I’m not giving it all away till the very end. I’ll be posting tips, clues, and colorful inspiration tid bits, though. Below you can find Inspiration Board #1, the first clues to what will go down in 2011.

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  1. deebee says:

    I seriously am contimplating hiring you on the side to assist with helping of ideas for my wedding. You are a genius. Always love your blogs, your inspirations and just about everything. Kiss up? No – just being honest. 😉

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