Bride-in-Training Style

Tomorrow I’m lucky enough to be attending Always a Bridesmaid’s Bridal Inspiration Event at Pronovias’ Flagship store!

After a panel discussion featuring top bridal industry folk, there will be a fashion show, cocktails, and a sampling of Sylvia Weinstock’s infamous wedding cakes! Yum! I’ll be sure to recap this great event next week, but till then, a pressing question comes up.

I’ve now been to two of these events, with another in a few weeks, and I am stumped as to how to dress! Using the magic of Polyvore, I’ve assembled three different outfits with their own pluses and minuses. So, what do you think?

Update: Polyvore is acting up a little, so if you can’t enlarge the snaps by clicking, try accessing my profile here.

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3 Responses so far.

  1. cg says:

    Door Number Two

  2. DeeBee says:

    I love them all! Can’t help you out with this one, although i am loving choice #1.. HmMmm

  3. Lola Gigglesworth says:

    I’m just thinking I might be a lil cold in that…

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