A Little Italy Street Scene

With the rest of my people A photo posted by Annemarie (@travelinganna) on Jun 8, 2013 at 3:48pm PDT When the temperatures plummet here in New York, I can’t help but daydream about sunnier days in the city. After an early meeting this past spring, I had the luxury of time to kill, and did it by taking the long […]

The mountain has finally come to Moses. If New Yorkers aren’t able to get out and visit a nearby farm, well then, the farm will just have to come to them. After connecting the declining health of children in specific New York neighborhoods with the availability of fresh fruits and veggies, the city has started a new initiative that brings […]

Another Side of Governors Island

Governors Island has become the latest corner of the city where sweaty, music-loving hotpants-wearing New Yorkers go to escape the heat. While the ferry ride from Downtown Manhattan is a mere 10-15 minutes at most — yes, less than the Staten Island ferry — the island’s untouched and underdeveloped feel gives it a decidedly remote tone akin to a vacation […]

I’ve always thought the way you live when you’re at home is almost a direct juxtaposition to the person you are when you travel. It almost has to be that way, in my mind, so that you can truly appreciate the circumstances you’re involved in and the people you’re meeting. Whether you’re a RTW or a weekend warrior, your home […]

Tweeting Up At the AMNH

Two weeks ago I pulled on my tallest boots, bundled up and headed out into the snow for a very cold, very fun tweet-up at the American Museum of Natural History. It was the museums first official tweet-up, though they’ve had small press events that were very similar, and this event mixed a room full of @AMNH Twitter and Facebook […]