My fiance and I had Walt Disney World’s list of recommended rabbi, clergy and officiants for four months now. It sat in my inbox, and his, tagged and starred. It was clear and simple to read, there was really no room for error. So why we were suddenly scrambling to find a rabbi with just over three months to go, […]

Death by Disney Desserts

I’ve been to Disney on average about three times a year for the past four years; that includes both US Disney parks and those abroad. So, when we jetted down to Orlando to meet with our Disney Weddings planner, we were really hankering for a new view of the parks. The Happiest Place on Earth did not disappoint. Sure, we […]

I’ve been engaged for over a year now and, because of booking and contract timelines, have yet to have a clue as to what we’re doing, but we’ve just started renegotiating with Walt Disney World Weddings and made some important decisions. We chose to pass on being the first Tower of Terror Courtyard wedding. While we had our hearts set […]

Who Are Travelers?

As part of the team at a to-remain-nameless travel magazine I received a lot of flack for my favorite destination. It was a source of anxiety to announce, once I took my chosen vacation days, where I would be heading off to. “Oh… You’re going to Disney World again?” “Well… It’s an annual tradition.” “Yeah…” Yeah. Not exactly a homecoming. […]

Between faxing flower orders, sending travel docs, and praying the rain gods to stay at bay for just a few more days longer, travel brides do not need anything else to worry about. For me, this includes shoes. My hot, hot, burning hot, humid August Florida wedding is causing me some major havoc in clothing. Sure, everyone else can enjoy […]