Living Life Dolce Far Niente

I was completely sleepless on my red-eye from Seattle back home to New York earlier this month, buzzing with energy, both positive and aggressive. I had booked the trip on a whim to speak to a few conference and side project colleagues, to see some old friends, but in actuality, I knew the trip was necessary because I needed to […]

FriFotos: Holidays Around The World

The holidays are a fantastic time to flee your loved ones and score an amazing deal in the process. I've often been the receiver of strange clucks and looks when I've told people that, sure, I'd be flying out on Christmas day and, hey, don't expect to see me until I land on New Years. Sharing those looks and clucks with the travel community is just one reason I've found my home in them, feeling instant gratitude when I see an email, or postcard, or get a phone call from someone I love who I know is enjoying their holiday in Thailand/San Francisco/Buenos Aires. This week my friends at #FriFotos hit that feeling home to me by picking the theme #festive for their collection of travelers and photographers to share on. As you'd imagine, the results range from a cavalcade of beautiful snowy trees to delicious foods and neon-lit signs in foreign alphabets. It was a great reminder for me of all the places my feet have stepped on during this exact week in different years, and even though I'm enjoying a quiet holiday 2012 back in New York with family, someone else is out there to share their worldly experiences with me.

On Losing Your Travel Security Blanket

The frat boys prattled on and on about their coitus conquests across three rows of seats, but I was unfazed. Somehow our Madrid flight was scary empty and the trio of college boys en route back from a spring break sojourn were animated with youth and excitement. They spread their lanky limbs across the rows, two-three-two seating style, and yelled […]

Sleeping In Seattle

“Can I help you look for something?” The voice startled me for several reasons. The least of which was that I hadn’t done too much US-based traveling within the last year and hearing a familiar dialect while wheeling luggage was becoming a novelty. The most jarring reason was that I was standing in the middle of a Starbucks with a […]

The twinkle lights came into view before I saw the city itself. Cambridge, Massachusetts was ready for the holidays and I was ready for Cambridge. I had booked the trip on a whim, needing a quick break before the holidays, got an amazing rate from the Twitter-savvy marketing team at the Charles Hotel, packed my car and left. Harvard Square […]