My fiance and I had Walt Disney World’s list of recommended rabbi, clergy and officiants for four months now. It sat in my inbox, and his, tagged and starred. It was clear and simple to read, there was really no room for error. So why we were suddenly scrambling to find a rabbi with just over three months to go, […]

The mountain has finally come to Moses. If New Yorkers aren’t able to get out and visit a nearby farm, well then, the farm will just have to come to them. After connecting the declining health of children in specific New York neighborhoods with the availability of fresh fruits and veggies, the city has started a new initiative that brings […]

Macau: This Strange City Of Color

There are a lot of debates among travelers as to whether a day-trip to Macau from Hong Kong is worth it. Besides the mix of excellent Portuguese food and solid Cantonese history, there’s a unique biosphere happening. Even if you’re not a fan of the flashy sights and sounds of spots like Vegas and Atlantic City, there’s something about the […]

With a close friend or two, with my boyfriend, or alone. Those are the typical ways I travel. So, when I arrived in Lima, Peru, to find out that my Contiki Holidays media trip – their inaugural South America excursion – would be packed with 27 people, I wasn’t sure what to think. I sat in our hotel lounge munching […]